Bitcoin News Trader Review

The Bitcoin News Trader platform is a remarkable smart and successful crypto-trading application. As per our Bitcoin News Trader review, the platform claims that their intelligent computerized algorithm helps its customers to predict the cryptocurrency prices with over 99% accuracy. From numerous user testimonials, online, it is clear that the crypto trade robot is completely autonomous, and is designed and crafted for investors with varying levels of experience. Further, numerous users of this application claim that they have made a huge amount of money from this versatile to use bitcoin trade platform.

Bitcoin News Trader Reviews

Bitcoin News Trader makes life more comfortable with its advanced trade tools for clients wishing to earn profit by trading Bitcoin. The primary advantage of Bitcoin News Trader is that the application functions identically as a human crypto investor. The intelligent application executes trading decisions in a split second by automated trading market signals. The cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable, and there are obvious financial risks linked with it. The trading robots of Bitcoin News Trader perform exceptionally and up to the best standard, but sometimes losses are still incurred due to crypto market volatility. To avoid such circumstances, Bitcoin News Trader offers many advanced tools to reduce financial risks.

The primary point for this trading software to become popular in the crypto industry is its flexible feature, which allows its customers to trade from anywhere around the globe without making a significant effort. The trading software is equipped with state of the art trading tools with an intelligent financial news hub that utilizes automatic crypto news aggregation and analysis to prognosticate the crypto market. Bitcoin News Trader states that the software is 100% free for anybody to download, but to profitably get started trading, the company recommends a minimum deposit of $250.

Registering a New Trading Account

Step 1: Registration

To initially open a trading account, a broker has to access the official website of Bitcoin News Trader via any internet browser on an iOS or Android smartphone or a personal computer running any popular Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Further, traders have to fill some mandatory information like first name, last name, e-mail ID, and mobile number. Soon after filling the form, the system generates a receipt validating details of the new trading account as well as brokers affiliated with the new account. Further, to maintain account security, users are prompted to activate a local password, not surpassing six characters.

Step 2: Demo Trading

One of the most striking features of Bitcoin News Trader is the computerized demo trading feature, which helps less experienced traders to try the trading application before starting real-time trading. The free demo trading tool included in the Bitcoin News Trader application is introduced to efficiently learn about the automated trading platform and also analyze vital market signals to make money with fictitious funds profitably. The demo trading option is optional, but experts at the Bitcoin News Trader platform firmly recommend using the feature before getting involved in live trading.

 Work Procedure of the Software

Step 3: Depositing Money in the Trading Account

Bitcoin News Trader recommends a minimum deposit of $250 before starting a live trading session. The platform supports numerous payment methods for customers to keep the trading experience stress-free. Deposit and withdrawal options such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and other alternatives like Neteller, Payoneer, credit/debit card, or Skrill are included in the application for smooth user experience.

Step 4: Real Trading

According to our Bitcoin News Trader review, Users of the platform can activate live trading soon after choosing any cryptocurrency and activating the stop-loss feature to avoid fund transactions during the negative market. The setting panel in the application further allows the users to configure personalized trade settings for making guaranteed profits.

Features of Bitcoin News Trader:

  • Excellent 24/7 skilled customer service team to assist users with any kind of problem whenever required.
  • Bitcoin News Trader comes equipped with a marvelous demo trading feature to provide, fabulous learning experience to all clients. Further, the platform also provides free webinars, video tutorials, and conducts online seminars for users to trade efficiently.
  • The platform provides a completely free registration with no deceptive hidden cost, unlike other cryptocurrency brokers in the market.
  • The Interface of the Bitcoin News Trader platform is extremely user-friendly for novices as well as for skillful traders.
  • Bitcoin News Trader highlights user testimonials on their official website, which proves its legitimacy and also popularity among the crypto-trading community.
  • Bitcoin News Trader boasts a massive triumph rate between 92%-99%, which makes it market-leading.
  • The cryptocurrency trading broker accepts a wide variety of deposit methods like Credit/Debit card, direct wire transfer to the bank, and PayPal among the most popular.
  • The Bitcoin News Trader software is a free software to download, and a minimum amount of only 250$ is required for starting a live trading session.

 Key Highlights of Bitcoin News Trader Reviews


It always becomes confusing to choose a good cryptocurrency trading robot amidst so many scams on the market. But that being said, from our analysis of Bitcoin News Trader, we can conclude that by our Bitcoin News Trader review, that the platform is 100% legitimate and reliable for trading with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. On deep analysis of their official website, our team of expert analysts discovered numerous testimonials from their registered clients who claim the platform to be legit and further goes on to describe their substantial earning from the platform.

It is a well-known fact that Bitcoin and other types of crypto assets are high gain high risk financial assets, their super volatile price with humongous profit margin is the key reason why traders all across the globe are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. Advanced cryptocurrency trading tools like Bitcoin News Trader offer a countless number of features which can help skilled as well as novice traders make a significant amount of money; nevertheless, it is important and is firmly recommended by experts, to research the market before investing a serious amount of money.

1: What is Bitcoin News Trader?

Ans: It is a cryptocurrency trading platform, and it claims that its intelligent computerized algorithm has over 99% accuracy and it is easy to use.

2: Is Bitcoin News Trader legit?

Ans: Yes, it is a 100% legitimate and reliable platform for trading the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

3: How does Bitcoin News Trader work?

Ans: To start trading on this platform, you need to fill the registration form. Once the registration process is done, you need to deposit the fund in your account, and then you can start trading on the platform.

4: Is my information safe on this platform?

Ans: Yes, your information is 100% secure on this platform.