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Myriads of automated cryptocurrency trading platforms are creeping up every day, given the emerging popularity for the investment in Bitcoin trading. Choosing the right trading platform that will suit the needs of the individual traders has genuinely become a menace. Bitcoin Era Review throws light on those points that have always been under scrutiny and are considered as a measure to judge the platform, whether it will be accepted or rejected by the traders, or is Bitcoin Era legit?

To make the cryptocurrency trading more robust, a group of software developers from the Fintech sector came up with an idea of creating an auto trading robot. The Bitcoin Era trading robot is the brainchild of those software developers that came into existence on January 3rd, 2009. The Bitcoin Era app operates on algorithmic interpretations by emitting signals that are much faster than the average market by a split second (0,01). The trading robot can thus help traders to earn profits from changes in the price of bitcoin, which is something that places this trading robot atop other bots of its kind.

This live trading app can be activated by a small initial deposit of $250, after which the traders can actively take part in the live trading sessions via this trading app. This software does everything starting from scanning the market to finding out the most profitable opportunities and then placing the trade as soon as the right hour occurs.

Bitcoin Era Reviews

Features of Bitcoin Era

Some of the amazing features of the Bitcoin Era trading software are discussed in detail hereunder that will gauge the weight of the trading robot in comparison to other trading robots of its kind.

~ Allows Multiple Trading: Very few trading robots allow multiple investment for trading on their dedicated platform. Bitcoin Era allows the traders to trade multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin together on its platform. Therefore, it is totally the traders’ discretion to choose any cryptocurrency pairs and to reap the benefits of multiple trading from a single Bitcoin Era account.

~ Easy-to-Use: The easy-to-use interface mobilizes a greater number of traders towards this trading platform & it is one of the best features. It assures the traders that online crypto trading is no rocket science and anybody, irrespective of their previous experience of using a trading robot, would feel at ease while using the Bitcoin Era platform. The registration process hardly needs 10 minutes to complete by following some easy steps that don’t require the traders to be experts in this field.

The withdrawal and deposit processes are also very easy and fast as compared to other contemporary trading platforms. There are various modes to make a deposit on the Bitcoin Era platform like credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfers, wire transfers, e wallets etc. The withdrawal process is also very reliable, and the platform has a “36 h policy” that ensures the traders that they will get their money in their accounts within a maximum of 36 hours.

~ Amazing Customer Service: The Bitcoin Era trading robot is backed by one of the best teams of professional experts who are ready to provide a robust solution to all the issues related to trading via this trading platform. The customer service team can be contacted at any time of the day via live chats, phone calls, or emails. The customer service representative can also be contacted on social media platforms if the other contact sources fail, which is the rarest of the rare cases and has never happened until date.

~ Supportive Tutorials: Online crypto trading is something that cannot be mastered in just a single go. It needs constant practice, more research, and more exposure to real-time trading to gain some valuable insights as to how it is done. The Bitcoin Era software has one of the best tutorials videos uploaded on its website that can help both the first-time traders as well as the experienced ones to know the trading strategies and ways to earn significant money profits.

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How Does the Bitcoin Era Work?

The Bitcoin Era trading platform works on algorithmic interpretations. It scans the market trends, and whenever the parameters match the set criteria, trade is triggered on behalf of the respective traders. But to start trading via this trading app, the traders first need to go through some registration processes. The registration form is available on the official website of the Bitcoin Era, which needs to be filled up with some basic personal details like the full name, address, valid email Id, and phone number. After successful signup, a confirmation email will be sent on the given email address to establish the membership of the trader with the Bitcoin Era trading robot. To further log in to the Bitcoin Era account, the same credentials need to be fed in.

The next step is to fund the account created. Bitcoin Era account required a minimum deposit of $250, which is fixed that works as the working capital. Apart from this, there are no hidden charges or commissions charged by the trading platform. Moreover, all the clients’ data and money deposited on the Bitcoin Era account are secured by SSL certificates.

After this, the traders can directly join the live trading sessions by clicking the “live trade” feature ON, whenever they want and for how long they want. Though it is generally recommended not to trade at a stretch for more than 24 hours, this is because, then the reasoning capacity of the human traders tends to decline, resulting in setting wrong trade criteria that they need to set, and on the basis of which the robot will operate. It is also recommended to enable the “stop-loss” feature. This feature protects the traders’ money from a loss when the market suddenly crashes. If this feature is enabled, the robot will stop placing the trade if there are more chances of losing rather than start making a profit. Otherwise, the robot keeps on placing the trades whenever the set trading criteria are matched, ignoring the chances of losing.

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Does the Bitcoin Era Have an App?

Yes, the Bitcoin Era itself is an auto trading app that can be run from mobile phones or tablets. It places the trade on the basis of the trade criteria set in by the traders.

Can We Rely on the Bitcoin Era?

Yes, we can absolutely rely on the Bitcoin Era app, and those who are too enthusiastic about earning some passive incomes via such online robots, this is the perfect platform to make money for them. While making this Bitcoin Era Review, we found no evidence to tag the Bitcoin Era as a scam trading robot. In fact, the software claims to have a success rate of 88% and above, which is true. There are hundreds of users’ testimonials available, which implies that the users are satisfied with the service of this trading robot.

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Wrap Up

If you want to make money amid a safe environment, using an automated trading robot, then you are on the right platform. As per Bitcoin Era review, Its simple features and easy-to-use design places it amongst the top most online trading apps that can be used by anyone without any hustles.

1: What is the maximum amount of profit that can be made using the Bitcoin Era app?

Ans: The extent of profits that can be earned daily by a trader depends on the deposits that he/she makes. The higher the deposit, the higher are the chances to earn significant money profits. But then, there are also associated risks owing to the volatile cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, it is also advisable for beginners to get started with the minimum deposit of 250 dollars in the account and not with something that they cannot afford to lose.

2: How much is charged for registering on the Bitcoin Era platform?

Ans: Registration on the Bitcoin Era platform is absolutely free of cost, and as such, there are no hidden costs or commissions. The registration process is also very fast and takes only a few minutes.