Bitcoin Code Review – Is It Safe?


Bitcoin Code is an automated trading robot that was created by Steve McKay in the year 2017. This software works automatically and executes the trades on behalf of the traders. The software is used for trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, which results in profitable trades. Moreover, it has a success rate of 99.4% for the trades that are executed on this platform.

Bitcoin Code Reviews

What is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is one of the leading and popular crypto trading robot applications, which uses the fluctuating nature of digital currency markets. Also, it uses smart algorithms for its trading technology. New and experienced traders can use Bitcoin Code, and it executes profitable trades; this means that 9 out of 10 trades executed by the robot end up in money profit. The Bitcoin trader needs to register, make a minimum deposit, and monitor their account daily, which will take 20 minutes.

About the Founder

Steve McKay is a renowned entrepreneur and software developer who created Bitcoin Code. His main objective is to develop a trading software system where the traders and the investors around the world can take advantage of the cryptocurrency market. When compared to other trading robots that are available in the market, this platform is very easy to use. The platform’s algorithm is based on the market trends that are used in the cryptocurrency markets

Bitcoin Code Founder & CEO Steve McKay

Below Given Are the Few Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Code App:



This Platform offers user-friendly Interface

Does not offer a mobile app

Offers easy deposits and withdrawals

Customer service needs improvement

Quick and hassle-free registration

There are no hidden charges, fees or commission on this platform

Have a higher success rate of 99.4%

Offers demo account for its traders

Key Features

Some of the key features of the platform are discussed below –

  • The verification system on this platform is good. Before signing up, every trader needs to register on the platform where they need to provide details such as full name, email address, and phone number. After the verification process, the traders are registered on the platform.

  • Bitcoin Code app permits its traders to withdraw their money anytime, according to their convenience. After the withdrawal request is made, in not less than 1 to 3 working days, the money will be credited in their bank account.

  • Bitcoin Code offers dedicated customer support, which works round-the-clock to support the traders if they have any issues or problems. Moreover, customer support can be reached through email and live chat options.

How Does Bitcoin Code Work?

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading platform, where it helps the traders to make money. The robot executes profitable trades on behalf of the traders. According to the Bitcoin Code review, Below are the few steps about how the platform works.

  • The trader needs to register on the platform and create an account.

  • Add a minimum deposit of $250

  • Use the demo account for practicing and familiarizing about its working procedure

  • Start live trading

Before starting the live trading, the trader should set the parameters and click the auto-trade button on. When it is done, the robot takes over and trades on behalf of the users and makes money profits. By this method, the trader can earn passive income online by trading in the cryptocurrency markets.

Advantages Of Bitcoin Code

Few advantages about Bitcoin Code are given below –

  • The trader does not need any special skill or training to trade on this platform; this is because since it is an auto trade platform when the parameters are set, the robots will do all the work.
  • Bitcoin Code software system has a success rate of 99.4%, which means almost all the trades executed by the robot are successful.
  • Bitcoin Code offers dedicated customer support available 24 hours for the benefit of its customers. Moreover, they can also be reached through live chat and email.

Opening an Account at Bitcoin Code

Opening an account with this crypto trading platform is very easy and requires just a few minutes. Further, the account opening is free. The traders can open an account and use the demo mode to get started without depositing funds. Some of the steps involved in opening an account are described below:

Bitcoin Code Review: Account Creation

  • Registration

The traders should need to go to the Bitcoin Code website, fill out a registration form as a part of the sign-up process. They are requested to fill their data, which includes full name, email, contact number, and country of residence. Also, they should create a strong password for the safety of the account.

  • Demo Account

One of the most advantageous features of the Bitcoin Code is that it offers a demo account where the trader can know about how the platform works without depositing any real funds. They can also learn about how to set the parameters, amount to invest in each trade, trading pairs, the risk factors, and several functionalities that are offered on the platform.

  • Adding Minimum Deposit

The next step would be to add a min deposit of $250 to start trading by using the live trading option. Some of the options for depositing funds are Visa, GeoTrust, MasterCard, PCI, etc. In this platform, the minimum requirement of funds is $250, while the maximum limits $15000.

  • Live trading

When the funds are added into the trader’s account, and after the parameters have been set, the trader can choose the auto trade option and leave the rest to the robot. The robots will analyze the markets to find profitable trading opportunities for the trader.

Has Bitcoin Code Been Endorsed by Celebrities?

There had been several rumors that celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, and several others had invested and endorsed the Bitcoin Code platform. As per our Bitcoin Code review, it was revealed that the above-mentioned celebrities have neither invested nor endorsed this platform.

Wrap Up

As per our Bitcoin Code review, we can say that this trading software is 100% reliable and legit online automated trading platform without any scam. This platform can be used by beginners and experienced traders to execute profitable trades. Moreover, their site uses SSL technology for security measures, and this platform complies with financial market standards. The reviews and the testimonials given on the website shows the success of the platform and its reachability.

1: Does Bitcoin Code work?

Ans: Few people think that Bitcoin Code scam and not a legitimate robot, yet there is no evidence to prove that it is a scam, and there are several testimonials and reviews from the traders that they are making a money profit on an everyday basis in this platform so it shows that it is not a scam.

2: Is Bitcoin Code Legit?

Ans: Bitcoin Code is a well-known automated trading software that claims that it helps the traders to make money by buying and selling Bitcoin at profitable rates without any scam. Further, this platform has a success rate of 99.4%.