Bitcoin Billionaire Review 2020 – Can You Make Money in this Platform?


One of the leading and most popular high-frequency automated trading robots used by several users in cryptocurrency trading is Bitcoin Billionaire reports that people make money by trading on the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices. Also, it claims that the trades executed by the robots are highly profitable, with a success rate of 96%.

Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews

What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire can be described as an automated trading system that is based on smart algorithms that allow the platform to execute the trades automatically without any interference from the trader. Bitcoin Billionaire claims that its robot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, which accounts for the reason for its high success rate. Moreover, the robots are capable of researching and analyzing the cryptocurrency market within seconds and places profitable trades on behalf of the traders.

 One of the Best Services of the Platform

Few Bitcoin Billionaire’s Pros and Cons:



It offers a user-friendly interface

No Mobile app offered by this platform

A demo account is available for the traders

Dedicated customer support

Seamless deposits and withdrawals

Customizable trade settings

It has a higher success rate of 96%


Some of the key features are –

  • Bitcoin Billionaire offers high-frequency trading as a technique that involves executing huge orders with high speed, and it provides leverage of 1:1000.
  • As per our Bitcoin Billionaire review, this platform uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to get insights from big data. Moreover, these technologies make sure high accuracy is maintained for decision making and help the robot to enhance itself as it analyzes the data.
  • Further, Bitcoin Billionaire is very easy to use, and the trader does not need any trading experience, skill, or knowledge to use this robot. The trader just needs to register and follow the trading tips that are provided by the system.
  • By using the Bitcoin Billionaire auto trading platform, the traders can withdraw their funds anytime during the day. For this process, the trader needs to fill the withdrawal request form that is available on the website. Moreover, in not less than 48 hours, the funds will be reflected in their bank account.
  • Bitcoin Billionaire offers excellent 24×7 customer support for its traders. Moreover, it offers email and lives chat options; in case of urgent queries, customer support can be contacted through telephone.
  • Bitcoin Billionaire is fully secured, and it is encrypted. It secures the users with stringent security measures which include, securing the trader’s account with strong passwords.

Comparison Between Bitcoin Billionaire With Other Robots:

Bitcoin Billionaire

Other Robots

Total transparency in charges, no hidden fees or commissions

Some trading platforms does not offer transparency in calculating the fees

It offers a success rate of 96%

Low success rate and few transactions might not be profitable

An account can be opened in a few minutes and does not ask for any documents

Opening an account in few trading platforms is a long procedure and ask for a list of documents for verification

Customer service is reachable and can be contacted any time during the day

Customer service is inadequate, does not offer sufficient help

Minimum amount to be deposited is $ 250

Few platforms ask the trader to deposit more money as minimum deposit

The withdrawal process is fast and traders can access their money in less than 24 hours

Some of them take a longer time to process withdrawals


Some Bitcoin Billionaire automated trading robots are very user friendly, and anybody can make money by using these trading robots.

  • The platform has the highest level of accuracy, like 99.5%, which proves the traders had made good money profits by using these auto trading robots.
  • Several people have offered testimonials and good reviews about the Bitcoin Billionaire platform, and they have made money with Bitcoin Billionaire Bitcoin, and another cryptocurrency can also be traded on the platform.
  • The customer support offered by this trading platform is excellent. Moreover, the customer service is available 24×7, and they are always available for the traders if they need any assistance with the features or the functionalities.

 Key Highlights of the Bitcoin Billionaire

Opening an Account

Opening an account is quick and easy, and the signing up process is free. From the Bitcoin Billionaire review, we found that when the trader signs up on this platform, they need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to access the live trading. Some of the steps to open an account with Bitcoin Billionaire are discussed below –

  • Registration

For signing up, the trader needs to go to the website of Bitcoin Billionaire, and they need to fill out a registration form given on the page. They need to provide details such as full name, email address, contact number, and a password to complete the process.

  • Demo Trading

After registration, the next step would be to use demo trading depending upon the broker the trader is linked with. We highly recommend the trader to use the demo account on the platform, familiarize themselves with the features and cryptocurrency trading and then proceed with live trading.

  • Deposit

The next step would be to add a minimum deposit of $250 in their trader’s account. Some of the payment methods that are available on the platform include debit or credit card, wire transfer, Bitcoin, and several others, where the trader can select their preferred payment method to make a deposit.

  • Live Trading

When the minimum amount is added, the trader can proceed with live trading. Further, the trader needs to set their trading parameters such as maximum trades per day, stop loss, amount per trade, etc. From then on, the trading robots take over and trade on behalf of the traders.

Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews: Registration Steps

Wrap Up

As per our Bitcoin Billionaire review, it is a legitimate robot and has a success rate of 96%. Moreover, the robot makes successful trades, which means 9 out of 10 trades are profitable. Bitcoin Billionaire software is a reliable auto trading robot and allows new and advanced traders for making money on its platform. Besides, people should trade with the amount they can afford to lose and should remember that there are a lot of risks involved in cryptocurrency trading.

1: Is Bitcoin Billionaire a Scam?

Ans: As per our review, the Bitcoin Billionaire auto trading platform is legitimate and trustworthy. It has shown a higher success rate, which means most of the trades executed by the robot are successful.

2: What is the minimum deposit required to start trading?

Ans: The minimum deposit needed to start trading is $250, and the maximum limit is $15,000.

3: Is Bitcoin Billionaire Safe?

Ans: Bitcoin Billionaire is an auto trading robot and is 100% legit, which is also safe and secure. Moreover, this software is encrypted, and it complies with one of the best GDPR standards.